Thursday, November 25, 2010


"May your stuffing be tasty,
may your turkey be plump,
may your potatoes and gravy have nary a lump.
May your yams be delicious and your pies take the prize,
and may your Thanksgiving dinner stay off your thighs."

Happy Turkey Day Everyone!!!! I am amazed at how much I have to be thankful for in my life. I am truly blessed.

I am so thankful for ofcourse my wonderful family...I can't wait to spend the day with them as I am stuffing my face with food : ) I love my family.

To my friends...I am so thankful for you!! I am so lucky to be able to have so much fun with my favorite people! What would I do without you...

I am thankful for my health, my job, and having a roof over my head.

I am thankful for a sense of humor and laughing everyday. Life is funny and I love that.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! So put on your stretchy pants, eat a ton, enjoy and be thankful!

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  1. Im thankful for you!!! :) ps i wanna hear about last night haha